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Thanks for detailing the process! I don't know - it probably doesn't hurt to call and ask! I think'd they want you to go to Buy Buy Baby to fall in love with the stuff they have there. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Buy Buy Baby Canada registry and experience. Deciding whether to bother reading this long post : There are very few of these stores in Canada though also online but they told me that people can view the registry in-person from Bed Bath and Beyond stores and get items shipped there for free.

This means, you can add stuff to the registry in-store but then not be able to purchase them online but perhaps at a Bed Bath and Beyond store and get the items shipped there The prices are also not always the same between online, in-store, and the registry printout that they can give you in-store! Tips: As long as they're also available online and you don't need to see it in-person, it is far more convenient to just ask the registry desk to order the items online than go pick them up one-by-one in store.

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How to Increase Mobile Coupon Redemptions: buybuy BABY Case Study

On the flip side, I ordered choker necklaces for my three daughters that were purchased through Walmart online but fulfilled by an outside vendor as well. Not only did the items arrive, and in great condition, the company sent us an extra package of choker necklaces as a free gift too! The takeaway here is that as you are registering online for your Walmart Baby Registry, pay close attention to the fine print as you search. This is something you may want to keep in mind as you choose the items for your online registry. S states. Buy Buy Baby gives a Goody Bag to all baby registry members.

The bag includes free samples and coupons; however, you do need to go to an actual store location to pick up your Goody Bag. I thought this was kind of a fun feature: Buy Buy Baby has an online tool allowing you to ask friends and loved ones help you build your registry list.

How do the popular baby registry sites stack up against each other?

Another cool feature of the Buy Buy Baby Registry program is that you can get rewarded for referring friends and family members who are expecting a baby to sign up for their own registry at Buy Buy Baby. The referral program notes did say, however, that the purchase using the coupon has to be an in-store purchase, so beware of that stipulation.

There are some features to the price match guarantee that you should know about, including:. All things to be aware of before you ask for your price match on an item you found cheaper somewhere else. I thought this was a nice little touch. Lots to love about registering at Buy Buy Baby. The only downside I can see is the lack of store locations available in the U. Although the items there tend to be at a higher price point, the products they sell are beyond cute.

When my kids were little I used to love to shop at Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn has a limited number of stores in the U. You can visit a store in person, call their customer service number or look online for help in creating your nursery. This is a great feature that helps parents-to-be manage their time well.

The company also promises hassle free exchanges and returns on any items purchased from your baby registry list. In fact, as of over 5 million gifts were given via Baby List baby registries.

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Here are some of the features about Baby List you might like. Since Baby List is a registry service instead of an actual store, you can put items from any store, anywhere on your Baby list registry. Just add the items you find at online stores to your Baby List registry and gift givers can purchase them for you.

One feature that really stood out to me is the ability to add service gifts onto your Baby List registry. You can include gift options such as:.

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Any new parent will tell you that gifts such as these are worth their weight in gold. For the reason of the service gift options alone I would totally register on Baby List if I was expecting. Now onto some information about what types of products you should register for on your baby registry.

Thinking about what you and your baby might need before he or she even arrives can be overwhelming. Here is a short list of things you may want to consider putting on your baby registry list to help you get prepared for parenthood. Or other expensive items you may need or want. Although some people get nervous about asking for expensive items on their registry, many gift givers with smaller budgets are happy to go in with other people to buy a large ticket item together. Onesies, receiving blankets, bibs and one-piece pajama-type outfits come to mind here. Between spitting up and other bodily functions, babies tend to need clothing changes a lot, especially in those first few months.

I caution against asking for disposal diapers, wipes and formula in large quantities on your registry.

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Although these are great items to have, some babies have sensitivities or allergies to certain brands of these items. Laurie works her writing and real estate businesses while being a largely stay-at-home mom to her four children. In her spare time she keeps active hiking, biking, cooking and hanging out with family and friends.

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